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What is Body Sculpting?

Body Sculpting technology uses Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, Cavitation or Multipolar which feels just like have a standard ultrasound done. This is the same technology many cosmetic surgeons use before surgery contour first. The Collagen Building Facial treatment done with Radio Frequency and Ultrasound shortens the collagen fibers and creates a collagen blast that promotes collagen production; giving the skin that face look effect and taking years off your face. All of this is done with no pain and no down time. Results are immediate in most cases and clients notice they look 10 to 15 years younger. Roll back the clock with no downtime and an affordable way to look younger.

Let’s take an inch of your belly on the first visit with either Cavitation or Multipolar RF to get the best results. Our clients often see an instant size difference on the measuring tape. Again this is done with no pain and no down time. This technology can reduce those dreaded batwing arms, flatten the tummy, smooth cellulite and reduce the size of your thighs, get rid of the love handles or do just a small area to sculpt the perfect body you’ve always wanted.

Consultations are always free. Book online here on this website use the tab Book Your Appointment or call (703) 297-7919. See you soon.

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