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  Nail Enhancements

Acrylic or Gel

$60 Full Set of Enhancement Nails

$68 Full Set with Gel Polish

Fill-In  $48

Fill-in with Gel Polish $55

Buff & Polish $25

$0 Broken Nails, $0 to Shorten the nails 

even in between appointments 

The strongest, most versatile and most natural looking nail enhancement ever invented. Acrylic will look and hold up to anyone’s everyday life.  It makes no difference if your hands are in water all day, or if you are a carpenter, acrylic nails last and look like a natural nail.    

Even if you have tried acrylic nail in the past and they didn’t work for you it wasn’t the acrylic’s fault.  Acrylic nails, when done improperly, will look thick lift at the cuticle line and pop off.  When done right, the way we do acrylic here at Top Coat, you will have gorgeous nails.   



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