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Kim Patterson 

Nail Technician

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When I was a little girl my Mom sat down every Sunday night and did her nails.  I couldn't wait until I was old enough to do my nails with her.  She taught me the basics.  I wanted to learn so much more. So I went to beauty school and WOW my career took off.  I started attending beauty shows to learn more, which lead me to competition and winning trophies. From there I started lecturing at these nail shows to other nail technicians on how to use these nail products and do nails better. Then I started creating nail products along with chemical engineers.

All in all, I hold 45 national trophies, rated amongst the Top Ten Nail Technicians in the US, an educator, a quoted expert in the nail industry and created over 600 professional nail products. Even to this day, I stay on the cutting edge of the nail industry.  Always have, always will.


I Love Nails and creating the most beautiful hands and feet on my clients.

This is simply what gives me joy.

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Angela Drew
Body Sculpting Specialist
Reiki Practioner

“As we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”  I started out as a Substance Abuse Counselor helping people get their lives back on track.  Coming to Top Coat Nails & Spa as a Body Sculpting Specialist and a Reiki Practioner I’m helping people on a whole different level.  What joy it brings to people to sculpt their body to create younger skin, flatter tummy or perfectly smooth thighs.  Every time I practice Reiki it’s emotional and physical healing on people. You will come away renewed and full of energy!

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