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How do I book an appointment?

We have two easy ways of booking appointments… either Texting or Online Booking.  You can text us to book an appointment, the texting method is easier to utilize when changing a booked appointment, as we may not answer your text immediately.  OR you can go to our website or Facebook page, just click on Online Booking program and schedule your appointment in real time.  I personally like the Online Booking option, it’s easier and faster.  The appointment book you are seeing online is the exact same appointment book we are seeing in the spa.  So book away.


Children in the Spa

Children under the age of puberty should NOT have nail polish on their nails and toes.  A child's nail is just to immature to handle such a chemical as nail polish, it can penetrate through the natural nail and cause health issues.   We do not carry the proper products to do children's nails safely.

Our clients like the fact that Top Coat Nail Spa is a pampering environment, a place to escape and get away from normal life.  Therefore children are not allowed in the spa at any time. 

What is your  Cancellation/No Show/Late Arrivals Policy?

Being a small business in a small town we love and trust our clients. However, each employee here does work on a commission basis only; so when you cancel too late , then we cannot rebook the time slot, this means we take a pay-cut for the day.  So for cases like these, which are not to frequent, we have a cancellation policy.

A credit card is required to hold any appointment. When your appointment is made you will received a text/email that confirms the day and time of your appointment.  At this time you must enter your credit card information to hold the appointment time.  

            This credit card will only be charged if you...

              * Cancel your appointment the calendar day before your appointment.  In this case you will be charged 50% of the appointment                        value.

              * If you cancel the same day as your appointment.  In this case you will be charged the full price of the appointment value.

              * We can use this card to pay for your service that has been rendered.  You can also included a tip on this card.

              * You may use a different form of payment at the time of the service. See details of this policy below.

Late Arrival Policy

If you are more than 10ish minutes late, again we understand.  Traffic?  Really, in this small town of Purcellville? We know Main Street can get backed up in mid-afternoon.  We understand, whatever the reason. This is why you won’t consider us running late either for whatever the reason. 


Even if you are late we really want to still do your appointment or part of it.  In order to do this, we reserve the right to shorten your appointment time; or reschedule your service in order to keep the next client's service at their scheduled time. If you are, more than 10ish minutes late, we do need to reschedule your appointment; so you will be charged 50% of your service price plus 20% gratuity.  Trust me we can run late too, due to a late client or an added service, or even a make-up emergency.  Please be respectful for our 10ish minutes as we are going to be respectful of your 10ish minutes late.

Gels nails, Acrylic nails and Nail Polish just won't stay on me

I hear so many people say that they tried an artificial nail enhancement that just didn’t work, or they had a negative experience.  Such as...

“Acrylic nails just don’t stay on me.”

“Acrylic nails are just too thick and they don’t look natural.”

"I hate when the nail technician is chipping the acrylic off the nail bed with the nippers or using a nail tip it hurts."

“Gel nails just peel off my fingers.”

"Gel nails chip at the ends."

“I use my hands too much for any nail to stay on.”

“Shellac polish doesn’t stay on for 2 weeks it always chips.”

“My nails grow too fast for any artificial nails to stay on.”


All of these statements are false!  

There is a lot of research and development done by chemical engineers and licensed nail technicians to ensure that these products DO stay on the nails for the recommended amount of time and the DO look natural.  So why did you have a bad experience? It wasn’t the artificial nail enhancement’s fault, it was the fault of the person that applied the artificial nail products incorrectly. 


Think of it this way…if a cake recipe calls for 1 egg and ½ cup of water, but I add 4 eggs and 1½ cup of water, it won’t bake properly.  Nor will it look and taste like a cake, right?  It wasn’t the cake recipe’s fault for not turning out properly it was the person who improperly followed the recipe.


If you have had ANY problems whatsoever in the past with any artificial nail enhancements it wasn’t the artificial nail enhancements fault.  It was the fault of the person who applied the product incorrectly. <mic drop>

No Show/Cancellation Policy

When you don’t show up or cancel your appointment we understand, things can happen at the last minute.  When you don’t show up or cancel for yet another appointment, we have to wonder if your nail spa appointment is on the top of your things to do list or the bottom.  So, we will ask for your credit card to hold future appointments.  

When you don't show up or cancel for the appointment within a 24 hour period we will charge your credit card 30% of the value of the appointment.  If you cancel your appointment on the same day as your appointment your credit card will be charged 50% of the value of the appointment.


We kindly ask that you cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance so we can fill your spot with our waiting list.



Let's face it, we've all been in that uncomfortable position where you're not sure how much is appropriate to tip at the salon. Is there an app for this?!  I don’t think so.  Proper tipping etiquette at the salon isn't the same as tipping at a restaurant or tipping your taxi driver. The key tip here to remember (no pun intended), is the cardinal rule.  Tipping a salon professional is always at least 20% more if you really luv us.

Payment & Gift Cards

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Checks, and Cash. We request and appreciate cash gratuity.

Yes, we do have Gift Cards in any amount you need. Gift cards expire within one year of purchase date. If you do't know the date it was purchase, just ask your favorite nail technician.

Purchase an e-Gift Card by clicking below

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