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Whatever your foot needs are, we have a pedicure to pamper and sooth them.  We have three different types of pedicures you can indulge yourself with luxury.  Within these four pedicures we have 23 different pedicure experiences:

                                                                                                1) The Spa Pedicure - $49

                                                                                                      2) The Luxury Pedicure - $57

                                                                                                                         3) The Moisture Pack Pedicure - $63


Let’s take your feet on the ultimate ride of moisture, scrub and end with smooth as a baby’s bottom.   If you’re new to us and not sure which pedicure to choose, just start with the Spa Pedicure; you can’t go wrong.   As you progress with pedicure experiences, I know you will indulge in the Ultimate Pedicure Experience eventually…trust me.

Pedicure Stations.jpg


The Spa Pedicures $49

All of our Spa Pedicures will ensure your feet are not only pampered, but also smooth and relaxed.  We’ll start with shortening and shaping the toenails, clean-up the cuticles and surrounding skin.
Rid your feet of dry skin and callus’ and further pamper you with a tranquil massage. 

Spa Pedicure

This pedicure has been referred to as the beginner’s pedicure or the pedicure for everyone. One hour of sheer fun and pampering. We’ll complete with a polish colour of your choice or natural buff shine.


Diabetics Pedicure

If you are a diabetic you know your feet need special attention. Please tell us before we start your pedicure and we’ll know to give you that extra special attention during your pedicure.  We’ll complete with a polish colour of your choice or buff shine.


Gentleman’s Pedicure

Pedicures and not just for women; men like nicely groomed and smooth feet too.  Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer and we’ll do the rest.  We’ll finish off with a nice matte or shiny natural buff to your nails. 


The Luxury Pedicures $57

The Luxury Pedicure is the Spa Pedicure with a new twist.  Not to ignore the legs the Luxury Pedicure is coupled with a moisturizing sugar scrub up to the knee, or a jelly bath, or a collagen sock.  You pick.


Jelli Spa Bath

Known as the FUN Pedicure.  The Jelli Spa Bath will relax you using heat therapy which soothes aching joints and muscles. We will transform the water bath into a fun squishy jelli, which feels like your toes are in the wet sand on the beach.  While you play in the warm jelly it is soothing your achy muscles and moisturizing your dry feet.

Choose one of four luscious fragrances:

Pearl Glow, Sweet Citrus, Rose, or Lavender.


Collagen Pedicures

Collagen with Olive oil and Argan oil

Enriched with Collagen, Olive Oil and Argon oil, ultra-nutritious moisturizer penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturize feet.  Olive oil and argon oil blended with collagen to help immediately soothe the skin, bringing comfort and softness.


Jelli Pedi.JPG

The Moisture Pack Pedicures $63

The Moisture Pack Pedicure is the full-service pedicure.  We start with the steps to the Spa Pedicure, go onto the Soothing Pedicure and add a Moisture Pack Mask wrapped in a warm towel to penetrate and soften the dead skin cells of the shins up to the knees.  With so many different aromatherapies all of which can answer any issue you may have with your feet and legs.  The Moisture Pack Pedicure can make you feel like your ready to take on the world and kick a few butts.


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