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...and now for something completely different

  • Hundreds of polish colours to choose from,

  • 5 Different Pedicures,

  • 5 Different Manicures,

  • Unconditional Guarantee,

  • Consultation Of What YOU Want With Your Nails,

  • Free Sparkling Water, Bottled Water, Wine, Coffee & Tea, Snacks and…

  • An actual real pair of Flip Flops to wear home with your pedicure. 

Trust me you will feel pampered, and your hands and feet will look fabulous.


When you book your first appointment don’t get overwhelmed with all the selections of services.  Choose either the Warm Oil Manicure (if you want regular polish) or the Gel Manicure and a Spa Pedicure.  We’ll do the rest of the work to help you identify the needs of your specific hands and feet and educate you on the best service that will work for you to create the

most beautiful hands and feet you’ve ever had.


When you arrive head right to the relaxation area, choose a drink and a snack.  Then sit with your nail technician and we’ll talk about what is your goal for your nails.

Stephane Skees.jpg

Unconditional Guarantee


All work here is guaranteed.

If you think your nails or toes are,  too short, too long, too pink, too purple, too round, too square

too anything.  If it isn’t to your liking.  By all means, SPEAK UP  OR  Within 2 days please make an appointment to have them changed. We will change it so it is any way that suits your needs and personality.


Everyone deserves to have beautiful hands and feet.

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